Food Purchases as “Investments”

Medford Food Co-op (Medford, OR)

Medford Food Co-op (Medford, OR)

Spending money can leave many of us feeling disempowered. In these cases, our relationship to spending money is clearly one of “cost” or “expense”.

It doesn’t have to be this way!

We can encourage one another to transform our relationship to money – to change our purchases from “costs” or “expenses” into “investments”. After all, they are!

When transactions become “investments”, it opens the door to an amazing world of inquiry, starting with the question; “What am I investing in?” and; “How will this investment support me, my family, my community, the earth, future generations?”

By making this subtle yet monumental shift, we can transform the act of purchasing food into an empowered one.

What are your food dollars investing in, and how secure is your investment???

Jon Steinman