Community Giving


On average, food co-ops contribute over three times more to community organizations than chain stores.*

“Viroqua Food Co-op’s Jan Rasikas recounts, “One year Walmart bragged about giving away $500 to community groups in the town while in that same year our small co-op had given away $9,000.” [excerpt: Chapter 7]

“Round-up programs (rounding the bill up to the nearest dollar) are often dedicated to nonprofit groups. Mississippi Market’s (St. Paul, MN) round-up program supports one nonprofit every month with an average $10,000 donation. Three Rivers Market in Knoxville, Tennessee, raises $7,000 each month. At City Market (Burlington, VT), where $309,000 is contributed annually to community groups, their round-up program alone contributes $27,000 per month to area nonprofits.” [excerpt: Chapter 7]

* Source: National Co-op Grocers

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Jon Steinman